About Us

"Cha'an Ka'an" in Maya means: “to observe or to enjoy the sky”, through the symbolism behind the logo, the moon representing Ixchel, mayan godess of the moon, and Itzamná, Lord of the Skies, the Sun and Ixchel’s lover; continuing with the building, resembling a Swallow, Cozumel’s symbol, Cha’an Ka’an was carefully planned to have a deep bond with the Island. 


Our areas


• The first 3D full dome planetarium in

   Latin America.

• Celestial journeys in real time.


• Virtual space walks.

• Day and nightime observation.

Mayan Room

• Maya worldview and Archaeoastronomy.

• Biodiversity of the island.

Water Concervancy 

Learning room

• Awareness and care of water

Learning room

• Scientific experiments.

• Demonstrative activities.

Interpretation Centre of

Nature (CIN)

• Sample of endemic flora

  of the island.